Why are we gambling in casinos?

What is the reason that drives people to gamble in the casinos? The money is the intuitive answer and it is correct but there are more reasons that lead the players to take risks. To have a more precise answer to the introductory question is interesting for those who work in the field of sociology, who study behaviour of people but it's interesting especially for the casino owners. Understanding better their customers (including the needs, habits and motivation) is important for the business; be sure to be able to offer something new and innovative that has no competition or to submit an existing product using alternative methods and, of course, better than the previous. All these factors allow managers to attract more customers and justify their main aim: the increase of profits.

A lot of scientific studies that we considered before writing this article are financed by those who manage the casinos. As our sources, the first country we used are the United States, the place where marketing was born as a scientific discipline, followed by some European nations such as Germany, France, Netherlands and Italy, where the phenomenon of gambling is the most present. We have also studied the situation in Australia (considered the nation where the gambling is the most popular in the world) and in Japan, the only country of Asian continent on which we had the access for our research.

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Our researches had a common aim: to identify sociological and the psychological reasons of the players in the casinos, taking into consideration the age and professions carried out by the group of respondents. Some of researches have focused on the virtual players, those who play in the casinos online, and the other part of studies has regarded those who are present in the physical structures, in different areas of our interest. The documents we obtained are full of percentages regarding individual motivations, emotions and habits. As we are considering different cultures and nations, we left out the numbers and tried to give the qualitative value. First, we specified the elements with the largest effect for each group we analyzed. Here are the five most common reasons divided into categories.


  • Earn big money with little investment
  • Easy and fast money
  • Solve financial problems

A good part of the players in this group, especially those of the first two categories, play mainly on the slots. It's a really fast and easy way to get money, if you are lucky, because the only thing you have to do is to push the button. The payoff can be very high, especially in the case of a millionaire jackpot. Only at first sight, the last category is contradictory: to risk the little money you have to overcome the crisis. In any case, this is an extreme solution to a desperation, when we no longer know what to do and we put our fate in the hands of a game. Even we don't have much money to gamble. Comparing researches in chronological order, this group of players, almost non-existent until twenty years ago, continues to grow more and more since the economic crisis began to be felt.


  • Feel the triumph after winning
  • Feeling the thrill for the risk incurred
  • A great thrill during the course of the game

In one way or another, this is the group of adrenaline which does not represent a sociological or psychological element but a physiological reaction which produces our body in certain situations. If we consider better this concept we will see that also the physical reactions are linked to our psychological state.


  • Solution against tension and/or stress
  • Esape from problems and reponsabilities at home
  • Take a break from a boring routine
  • Put on stand by the real life for a certain period

Having fun with activies is a way to forget our negative feelings. This is rather frequent in the human nature and psycology. From this point of view, gambling is the perfect way to escape and experience strong emotions. Forgetting everything else. Problems included.


  • Socialize with other people
  • Meet other people and make new friends
  • Share same interests

These reasons are without any doubt more present in the players who attend physical structures and not the casinos online even if meeting other people online is possible thanks to chats, almost always present during the live games, while the croupier spins the roulette and announces the results.


  • Enjoy the freedom to do what we want
  • Fun
  • Relax

This is the most positive of all the approaches: relax and have fun with roulette or slot machines. The curious thing is that the players in this group are, according to the percentage, the most successful. They declare to have earned money and not lost, playing in casinos. Probably the reason is that these players are more relaxed in terms of game, which is why they are also more focused on the dynamics. They don't do mistakes as beginners do, and don't force certain game strategies, almost ever loosing.


  • Learn how to play casino games
  • Satisfy our curiosity
  • Try something new
  • Gain new experiences and extended the existing

According to the percentages, this is the group to which belong the most educated. Education is already representing the curiosity, reason why such a result is not surprising. The curious fact is that most of people here are aged between 24 and 35 years.

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Why are we gambling